Halima Gamarlinskaya

Halima Gamarlinskaya

Greetings, I’m Halime Gamarlinskaya. I was born in 1976.

I can honestly say that in 1999 I graduated from the Azerbaijan Medical University with Honor Diploma. My biggest desire to be a doctor was to become a physician, it was very interesting for me to raise a person’s psychology, life, and help me with the help she needed, so I chose to be a psychiatrist. It is a very difficult profession, as well as a very interesting profession. Generally, since 2000, I have been working as a physician-psychiatrist at Clinical Psychiatric Hospital # 2. Always working as a doctor, I continued to improve and improve my knowledge.

In January 2006, I was in a big fire disaster at the hospital. Today, I know that one of the stress-critical factors in stress management in Azerbaijan is the loss of human activity. During my waiting period, I decided to improve my service area. For this I went to Moscow and spent 3 years continuously in psychiatric, NLP and psychological fields. I was just a psychologist ready to give psychological help to healthy people, not just mental illnesses.

In 2008, the Azerbaijani Wrestling Federation appealed to me for the psychological condition of the athletes. At the same time, our female team members had some psychological support. I told the management that there is no professional certificate in the field of sports psychology. With the support of AGF, I returned to Moscow for the Sport Psychology Certification course.

I already felt a change in my career and my life. Calls to call me from well-known companies in Azerbaijan. I started to get suggestions for training in stress management. Over time, information about me began to spread more and this was a very pleasant one.

At the same time, I continued to work in the hospital. Recently, I felt that I could no longer spend time with my family. That made me worry. I asked myself, “Is this where you want to reach?” After that, I had a new turning point in my life. I decided that I should not give a few people to one place but to the community, and it is not necessary for you to work in the psychiatric hospitals.

Since 2011, I’ve been expanding my training portfolio. In addition to stress management, I also gave training on communication skills, conflict resolution, time management, work and life balance, decision making, leadership skills. I improved my English language. Now I can teach my language in 3 languages ​​(Azeri, Russian and English).

A person must always work on his own, dedicate his time to self-development, and increase his knowledge and abilities. Meanwhile, she feels useful to her family and society, and this leads to an increase in self-esteem.

In 2012 FINCA Azerbaijan Company has invited me to the position of Head of Training and Development. For a year, I realized very interesting and useful projects. In 2013, now I have been working closely with Azerfon, a very nice project. The goal of the project was to create a training academy within the company and make me a project manager. For 4 years we have implemented very interesting projects. During this time, I still felt that this was a minority.

In 2015, I passed courses at the International Coaching Federation (ACF) accredited in Europe and received a Life Coupon Certificate. Another commitment has been added to the activity area. The task of life coupler is to motivate people with any purpose and idea, to eliminate psychological factors that prevent their achievement.

In 2017 I took part in the training at the Sorbonne University in France. The professors and teachers of the University were among the participants.

Then I was invited as a trainer and a psychiatrist to train volunteers in the “Healthy Life Promotion” project in Penza.

Frequently, I am invited to discuss psychological issues on radio and television. At the end of 2017, I performed at the Antenna Fm for a month on the radio psychologist and answered the questions of the audience.

On February 23, 2018, I was able to fulfill one of my greatest wishes. For the first time in Azerbaijan, with the participation of 300 people from 155 companies, I held an event called “Love for Customer”. In the 18 years of my career, I met the Customer with a love affair and wished to take action on this subject. The training was held in an interactive format. In the first part of the two-part event, I had an interactive workshop. The second part continued with the speeches of the speakers.

Today I will continue to work on myself. One of the biggest factors that motivates me is that I do not like the novelty. I always want to innovate. For this reason, the most important criteria are responsibility, moderation and discipline.

I am currently working as a physician-psychiatrist, business consultant, co-worker, speaker, sports psychologist.